Evasion GN : the ace of adventure games in Sherbrooke and its surroundings

Do you want to treat yourself to a moment of escape ? Are you passionate about life-size adventure games (GN) ? Evasion GN offers adventure game sessions and tailor-made activities. With friends, colleagues or families, live a unique experience of life-size adventure.

Through its professional and passionate team, Evasion GN personalizes the games according to your passions and has a space adapted to the games and a shop selling LARP accessories. Evasion GN provides you with a room for table games (card games, board games, etc.). Adventure games, fun or themed activities, for an hour, an evening or a full day : all our activities are adapted to live unforgettable moments at Évasion GN.

Discover the games and activities of Evasion GN : the ace of the game in Sherbrooke

To the delight of game enthusiasts, Evasion GN offers a wide range of activities : gaming, board games, adventure games, indoor GN and many others. In order to best satisfy its customers, it also offers tailor-made activities : parties or themed activities, team building activities. To make your experience unforgettable, Evasion GN offers you an on-site souvenir shop. If you are in Sherbrooke and its surroundings, book your activity at home and select the activities of your choice. Let us make you live an unforgettable moment.

Here are our different activities :

Dungeon Escape

Experience great nature activities in our game room in the heart of Sherbrooke. Discover our modular and made-in-house decors to immerse yourself in a fantastic universe that is constantly evolving.

This life-size adventure offers a new episode of 60 to 90 minutes with each new season. Form your team of 2 to 4 people and come live your experience of complete immersion in this constantly evolving fantasy medieval world.

LARP explore the dungeon

These life-size adventures allow you to explore over 800 square feet of game rooms (the Inn and the Dungeon) spread over two floors. The mysteries and dangers that you will encounter there will make you live unique adventures. Activities of 3 hours or more for groups of 10 to 20 people.

Do you have a group ? Book your private activity whenever you want. Don’t have a group ? Sign up for open activities to meet new friends.

Fun café and toy library

Around a coffee, treat yourself to fun activities with friends. Our space is ideal for your activities such as role-playing or board games, card games or even meetings.

Choose a game from our toy library or bring your favorite game. The room is also available at a modest price for private activities.

Tailor-made activities (team building, reception room)

In order to meet your needs, Evasion GN offers you personalized services through animations and preparations for activities with friends, such as team building, birthdays or a private tailor-made GN.

Souvenir shop on site

In addition to our game activities, we provide you with a shop where we offer the sale of LARP accessories, magic cards, chests, etc.


Our decorations are made in our workshops with zero waste in mind. You will find tools and spaces suitable for working with wood, plaster, leather and metal. Need a workspace ? Come see us for space, tools and advice.

With Évasion GN, take part in unique events with your friends !

Discover the first dungeon escape adventure scenario : “The Dark Tower”. Your small group of 2 to 4 people is transported, in spite of itself, into a dark and fantastic world. Can you survive and escape ? Escape quest activity, for groups of 2 to 4 people spread over 3 episodes of 60 minutes.

Also discover the first dungeon exploration scenario : “The Call of the Magician”. A magician summons a group of 10 to 20 people to come to his aid following a catastrophic magical accident. Can you save him ? Activity of 2 to 4 hours of play for a group of 10-20 people.

New activities are added regularly for a limited time !

Want to get away ? Book your games at Evasion GN

Contact Evasion GN now at 819-678-2550 to book your activity on our premises or at home. Game enthusiasts, novices or experienced, go to Evasion GN and discover the best indoor place for a life-size adventure. You will live unique playful experiences with our personalized services with the sole aim of satisfying you.

Meet at Evasion GN located at 762 Rue King Est in Sherbrooke, the service is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.